I like emotions, meeting and creating empathy with people and their worlds. Each couple is a new story, of unique feelings and moments which I like to discover and then tell their story through pictures. I work in two places, in the Marche region in Senigallia and in Veneto in Verona, but I am willing to travel anywhere. I can come to your home and show you my work and explain everything!

I started to take photographs out of passion. After twenty years of exhibitions (Camera Works and Sguardi Possibili), competitions and art galleries, I decided, a few years ago, first with film, then in the digital format, to tell wedding stories. The camera is the “perfect filter” between reality and the inner world of each one of us.

My photographic style is that of the emotional reportage, based on the spontaneity of the subjects photographed: it is a sort of story in pictures without the imposition of static poses which will let you relive the emotions of that day whenever you want.

From every photo, which is printed in the dark room or digitally, I have to obtain a print which respects the contrast, the composition, the visual impact and the emotion. In the absolute contrast between light and shadows, the images thus become evocations of inner landscapes, ancient emotions of the memory.